• Commercial

    Security, Consultancy and Design


  • The supply, installation and maintenance of Intruder Alarm Systems
  • The supply, installation and maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems
  • Access Control Systems & Automated Control
  • Camera Surveillance Systems
  • Automated gate and barrier alarm installation
  • We provide Alarm Monitoring Services through a number of strategic providers
  • Security, Consultancy and Design

If you are considering the installation of security product, the company you select to perform the work is equally as important to the quality of product that you propose to use. Since 1983 we have had in excess of 55 compeditors fail and leave the industry. On each occasion this has left customers with no back up service and often with substandard product that can not be serviced. Often these customers have been required to replace the product at considerable cost, simply because they have been left with no recourse against the original supplier.