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Customer confidentially is of paramount importance. We continuously perform varied and complex installations around our region, in all manner of locations and industries, we have even secured a gold mine!

Most installations we simply can’t talk about, as it involves our client’s security or it is commercially sensitive. The following projects have been published with full client knowledge and permission.

2012 - Timaru District Council Aquatic Centre

We have provided solutions to the Timaru District Council at many of their sites over the past twenty years. It was our pleasure to again provide our services on the new aquatic centre project. The Timaru District Council was happy to award this contract to us, as a locally owned and operated family business, in the knowledge that we had an established track record with them and the services that we provide.

The new aquatic centre is a fantastic facility for our region; it includes a gymnasium and a cafe. From opening day it has been well patronised by people throughout the region as well as attracting visitors to our city from far away! We had two staff on this project for a number of months, installing a variety of security, access control products and camera surveillance systems.

The project had a number of challenging requirements in the way it was constructed (tilt slab) and in stages. There were also environmental considerations in regard to corrosion protection and humidity effects. There was a high level of access product integration in order to accommodate the building and gymnasium and time zone requirements.

From date of installation, all products and systems have performed without failure.

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